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Electrical Systems must be seismically braced for Seismic Design Category C,D,E and F buildings based on current design codes including ASCE 7 "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures".  These building codes require seismic bracing of electrical systems based on size, weight, and specified restraint spacing.  Using our knowledge of seismic design, Mechanical Control Systems creates organized schedules and seismic layout drawings for field use.  This minimizes labor costs and errors in the installation process.  Mechanical Control Systems calculates seismic restraint loads for each system to provide the following schedules and details.

Seismic Design Schedule
Seismic Bracing of Suspended Electrical Systems 

Typical Submittal Details

Power-Strut - Electrical Details

           Click on Detail for Typical Submittal

  • Power-Strut  - Suspended Systems​

    • Conduit Systems

    • Cable Tray

    • Busway

  • Power-Strut PS 781 - Seismic Brace

  • Power-Strut Attachment Detail


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